Hello! Welcome to Tamaneko's TCG Trading Post. Please browse around and see if you're interested in trading with me! I have been playing TCGs since 2007 and they've been a motivation for me to design websites! I would love to help out with your tradepost layout, so head on over to Tamaneko Designs if you are interested!



Starter Pack (Bonus): ge-tao14, pv-bemine12, mv-thriller11, ms-Tamaneko01, 4 SP
New Decks: ps-saymyname01, ps-saymyname02, mv-100badboy01, mv-100badboy02, mv-killbill01, mv-killbill02, ge-minhyuk01, ge-minhyuk02, ge-kevin01, ge-kevin02, ps-jyjvol3jaejoong01, ps-jyjvol3jaejoong02, ge-yoonjo01, ge-yoonjo02, ge-sooyoung01, ge-sooyoung02, pz-hitominomelodyle01, pz-hitominomelodyle02, pz-bluetory01, pz-bluetory02
FreeBaes: ps-jessicasoup201318, mv-nothingsover04, pv-oppaoppa20, mv-heyyou06
Amber's Mind: mv-whatsyourname02, mv-missright13
Yongwheel: sp-flowers02, sp-pairings04, sp-hellokitty15
Facial Recognition: mv-crayon08, ge-sulli14
Ilhoon's Way: pv-loveandgirls10, mv-chu10
New Album: ge-joon05, pz-2ne1201114, mv-goodbyebaby04
Lucky Pick: choiceps coupon
Scraps: ps-2013bigeast06, mv-superhero04
Screenshots: ps-nuabo14, pz-theclassic12, ps-jyjvol3jaejoong05
Dealer's Hand: ps-igotaboy16, ps-vixx10asia17, ge-sooyoung09
Broken Frame: ge-dongwoo20, mv-rose15, ge-himchan12, pz-angelsstory15
Hugs and Kisses: pz-lipstick14, mv-badman17, ge-superjunior10
starter pack: mv-wolf09, mv-wolf02, mv-wolf13, ge-ilhoon14, pv-mrtaxi05, ge-ukiss06, pz-angelsstory20, ge-girlsgeneration04, ps-flyhigh04, mv-pgrdaydream17