Hello! Welcome to Tamaneko's TCG Trading Post. Please browse around and see if you're interested in trading with me! I have been playing TCGs since 2007 and they've been a motivation for me to design websites! I would love to help out with your tradepost layout, so head on over to Tamaneko Designs if you are interested!
TCG Status Joined Reason Quit Reason
1 Up Active 19.07.12 Video Games N/A N/A
5x5 Hiatus 19.06.08 Arashi of JE N/A N/A
Amuse Unknown 27.01.09 Asian Entertainment N/A N/A
Bon Voyage Active 02.08.12 Travel N/A N/A
Capes & Crusaders Active 17.07.12 Marvel & DC N/A N/A
Clampaign Hiatus 28.02.09 CLAMP's works N/A N/A
Countdown Reset 18.10.07 Johnny's Entertainment 01.10.09 TCG is restarting
Countdown Unknown 01.09.09 JE N/A N/A
Dearly Beloved Open 19.06.11 Kingdom of Hearts N/A N/A
Dilly Dally Open 21.07.14 Kpop N/A N/A
Dramatic Closed 21.08.09 Asian Dramas 01.04.10 TCG closed
Drawings Active 13.07.12 Animangames N/A N/A
Duck Soup Closed 06.11.08 Video games 09.02.09 TCG closed
Froots Active 19.06.10 Asian Ent. N/A N/A
Genki Beam Closed 05.07.08 Hello! Project 01.10.09 TCG closed
Heartchu Open 21.07.14 Kpop N/A N/A
Inkigayo Open 19.06.11 Kpop MV N/A N/A
La Musica Active 26.07.12 Music N/A N/A
Music Station Active 30.05.11 Japanese MV N/A N/A
Only You/td> Active 23.07.12 Asian MVs N/A N/A
Perfect Pitch Hiatus 17.05.09 I'm the owner N/A N/A
Pretty Voice Closed 10.05.09 Japanese PVs 01.04.10 TCG closed
PURE Active 27.07.12 Persona N/A N/A
Replay Active 16.08.09 Japanese Entertainment 01.04.10 Disappeared
SPREE Open 25.06.11 Shopping N/A N/A
Spotlight Hiatus 21.04.09 D-Boys N/A N/A
Sugar & Spice Quit 27.07.08 Food 12.02.09 Too much to update; TCG changed a lot.
Sweet Banana Quit 15.01.09 Food 12.08.09 Not sure. Too much going on in the TCG.
xoxo Active 23.07.14 Exo N/A N/A
Yukkuri Active 30.05.11 Vocaloid N/A N/A